Anatomy Revised

′Anatomy revised′ is a duality, a dialogue between opposites as well as a confrontation between classical anatomical images (Western) and Manga comics (Japanese) in an attempt to find similarities and at the same time extreme differences. By utilising a fixed pattern (the Manga images appear always on the right) and by creating a single reading level (negative prints create a fluctuation of the white marks against the black background) both elements are de-contextualised and the end result emerges as an unusual correlation. The elimination of the dialogues and the unsettling presence of the empty balloons urge the viewer to actively engage with the images by creating new narratives.

The catalogue (an integral part of the exhibition) underlines the scientific element of the whole body of work by organising in sections the succession of the images as in an anatomy atlas. Last, but not least, the titles (′revised table I′, ′revised table II′ etc.) divulge the detached and sterilised approach with which the entire research was conducted.