ecology (n.)

Words like ecosystem & ecology are often used nowadays within the business ‘environment’ usually denoting a certain group of similar activities within a system. At first I was taken aback by the use of the terms finding them unfitting within the given context. On second thought though I realised that the etymology of the words justified the terminology.

Ecology (οικολογία) is a composite word deriving from οίκος + λόγος meaning referring to (speaking of) the home. So when the word ecosystem is used to speak of a specific business group it refers to that area of business as of a ‘home’ system. This brings us back to the initial meaning of the word and what it really stands for. 

When we talk about ecology, ecosystems or anything else eco related we are simply talking about our home: planet earth. It’s time we start really caring about our unique home in the cosmos and realise that it is our natural habitat, in the actual sense of the word ecology, that we are talking about.