thanos zakopoulos
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ΑΘΑΝΑ Timespace

The realm of ΑΘΑΝΑ presents a vision of a world seen from the outside where the viewer is elevated to a privileged position that allows him to perceive the whole and the specific at once: each artwork a fragment of the whole but at the same time the whole itself [Olofragment]. The very fabric of this realm is similar to the one that describes our natural world, the one we call spacetime, but in a more encompassing sense. In the ΑΘΑΝΑ realm Time takes the leading role, shedding its linear geometry and together with a notion of space in continuous transformation becomes a framework of reference able to transcend classic human perception, at least in representation.

0030 6944 4554 49 GR
0039 3291 6988 50 IT
Via Don Bartolomeo Grazioli 6
20161 Milano ITALY

The installation illustrates a representative model of the AΘΑΝΑ Timespace where the fundamental notions that constitute it are depicted through a series of layers that construct each individual Olofragment but at the same time connect each one of them under the geometry of the Timespace itself. The moment of perception within the realm is a manifestation of an observer moment at any given point within Timespace while all other possibilities equally co-exist. Welcome to the realm of ΑΘΑΝΑ where the ‘true’ nature of time is revealed through a dreamworld in continuous flux and where space assumes a cosmic dimension reflected all the way to its constituent quantum elements.